A Stone Wheel...

In a Dark Room

You managed to fall asleep despite your racing mind and Pibb's incessant pouting. It crossed your mind to slip on your nightcap to ward off intrusions to your dream world. You close your eyes, and almost immediately your consciousness drifts away into blackness, followed by a long period of restful slumber.

Your sleep goes mostly uninterrupted by dreams, but when you wake up you have an image stuck in your mind; as though it were placed there during your rest by some specter from another world.

The image is clear; a dark, dank room with no doors, no windows. In the center of the room stands a large stone wheel, with the numerals I – V etched into the face, a faint green glow emanating from the symbols. Leaning against the wheel is a crude stone hammer.

A moment later you blink, and the image flutters away into a sleepy fog. The scent of cooked meat fills your nostrils. You look around and your dwarven companions are shuffling about the room; gathering belongings and stuffing their faces. John walks over to you, and in his shrillest voice greets you, "G'Mornin', friend! Eat up, we're heading out soon!"



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