As the dwarfs snooze...

The Wizards peruse.

Bruh had long since nodded off. Pibb, sobbing softly in an adjacent room, was either asleep and dreaming of Pibby; or wallowing in the memory of the poor snake. John was the last to drift off to sleep, a satisfied grin on his bearded face after finding common ground with his new wizard friend.

The keep, silent aside from the stirring of your dwarven companions, seems to welcome the presence of the living. The once cold stone walls and floors are warm now from the fires. For the first time in days, you experience what can only be described as comfort. It strikes you as a bit bizarre that such a fine abode would be left for the dead, but no stranger than many of the other things you've come across in your journeys.

The book you grabbed from the living quarters remains hard to wrap your head around. Though some of the annotations are strikingly similar to those found on Amelia's Note, you don't make much progress in translating it. Other books in the keep, however, have proven to be of much more immediate use to you. One book you pulled from the shelf appears to be a journal from the previous resident.

The keep, it turns out, was inhabited by a cleric by the name of Seewurd Kunz. Some of her writings inspire you with magical wisdom, leading to a period of experimentation that gives birth to a new spell in your spellbook. The last entry in the journal gives you pause, however. Seewurd had been diligent in her writing; every day, without fail. Until one day. A day you know all too well.

The day Jim Darkmagic disappeared.



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