'Bloody' John Smith

The Blood Lord


John is kindhearted and eager to please. Often shamed for his shrill voice, he suffers from a tragically low self-esteem.
He shared a dream with the group that strangely mirrored the one Crowley experienced.

Following the tragic death of Bruh Falbal, John’s mind corrupted, ultimately allowing Crowley to convince him to kill Pibb Tadalafil, his only remaining friend. John has pledge allegiance to Kelemvor, and now follows Crowley in his quest for Jim Darkmagic.

John increasingly shows a dark side to him, giving little thought to torture and murder. Seemingly related to this shift is his willingness to stick up for himself and talk back – though it is unclear whether he was always this way, or if this is a new revelation.

He also now claims ownership of a shanty apartment in Sundabar that he ‘took’ from Argor Agass.


'Bloody' John Smith

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