And the mess they leave.

As you walk down the heavily traveled road from Sundabar to Drakkar you catch sight of plumes of smoke rising into the chilly evening air, and the faint glow of fiery embers illuminating a spot about 100 feet ahead of you.

As you approach, the cracking and popping of wood from a carriage set aflame drowns out the ever-present chirping of crickets. Surrounding the carriage is about 20 feet of scorched earth. Ash and miscellaneous sheets of paper waft through the air. The acrid, unmistakable smell of burnt flesh hits you, and your eyes are immediately drawn to a second smaller fire a few feet away from the carriage.

You move closer to the small fire and notice contorted limbs twisted about on each other, lifeless and charred beyond any further recognition. From what remains you can tell there were two, maybe three bodies originally; wearing hardened leather armor that is common among bandits in the north.

Searching the area, you find little of interest; some food stuffs, a rusty short sword, a few errant pieces of silver, and a small vile of a viscous green liquid. Gathering what you care to loot, you continue your journey on north. At the edge of the circle of scorched earth your foot brushes against a blood-spotted letter.



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