Excerpt from Crowley Shadowmane's journal #2


My first night's rest on my journey was intriguing to say the least….what does it mean? The expertly scribed rune that could have been  created by no other hand than my own. A symbol that seemed so familiar to me at the time, but now it escapes my conscious mind like a moth in the flame. Within reach…flittering…and then fizzling to ashes. I continued on my journey only to come upon a meadow and the feeling that I was closer to my master than I had been since his disappearance. The form that approached proved otherwise. The strange figure identified himself as a Bologna Sandwicks spewing forth claim after claim that he was aware of my master and that he had been expecting me. As much as I would relish in the reality that I am so close to my master, I cannot fathom that he would have anything to do with this golden haired oddity. No sooner had I made up my mind than he disappeared and was replaced by several onyx clad knights…something came over me as they approached. Fear is not the word as I know that is in the past for me now…no it was more a feeling of nausea…the sickening feeling after an ill-cooked meal, but magnified ten fold. They were at once hostile and I was on the ready to defend. It was almost immediately apparent that they would best me which made no sense. As impressive as their visage was I find it hard to believe they were that powerful. Before I could see if my summation was correct the lot of them were skewered by tentacles from the darkness…belonging to a wonder of nature. The beauty of the creature I beheld can not be expressed. It was as if my own blighted heart had painted a mural come to life. It gifted me with its dark kiss and everything faded to black….



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