Excerpt from Crowley Shadowmane's journal #3

Three strangers...

Drakaar is gone…I think I knew all along this was the case. I am thankful the revelation came so quickly. I am more convinced now than ever that I am on my way to realizing my dark destiny…by the grace of Kelemvor I have been granted a great opportunity in the form of three strange dwarves. This will be an interesting distraction on the path to my reunion with Master Darkmagic. It was all too easy to lure them into my web. Thinking themselves gracious heroes they were all too willing to welcome me into their fold. Bruh the brash and boisterous one is only concerned with his pride and greed. This will be his downfall. John the shrill voiced lout is so involved in his own self pity that my feigned sympathy will be all that is required to push him over the edge of sanity. Pib the simple one…if I could feel pity I would save it for this one. I shall make sure his end is painless at the very least. I will continue this charade for as long as it benefits my cause, but I grow giddy at the thought of their screams. There are few things in this world that are as beautiful as the glimmer of blood in the moonlight. Especially when that essence is pouring from the veins of those who have complete and unadulterated devotion to you. Oh yes…their blood will spill…and when it does they will thank me for the chance to be a part of my becoming….



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