Excerpt from Crowley Shadowmane's journal #4

The fools…they made it so easy for me…. The troll was a surprise , but a welcome one all the same. Bruh's death was not quite as gruesome as what I had in mind, but it will have to do.  I will cherish the moment when John's  blade pierced the innocent flesh of Pibb for many nights to come. For all of his strange quirks, he has proven to be a most studious and loyal disciple. John shall do my bidding without question now…of that I have no doubt. Enough of this dwarf foolishness…now the real work begins! The path to my Master stands before me…it is split by a fork…which way to choose…hmmm maybe I should flip a coin? Then again maybe I should have some fun with the locals in Sundabar while digging for information…surely that could have some interesting results. After all, what would would Jim say if I didn't  spread a little havoc in our name?



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