Alistair Bellows

The OTHER Necromancer


Wise beyond his years, unnaturally powerful, but unceasingly sincere, Alistair Bellows met Crowley in the basement of the Potato Joe’s Potato Plantation homestead. Following Crowley’s vision of a glowing green swamp, he awoke to find Alistair and his brother Joe Bellows III looking over him.

Alistair and his brother are sons of Joe Bellows Jr, and grandsons of the now deceased Potato Joe Bellows.

Alistair is a powerful necromantic wizard appearing no older than about 8 years old. He has uncanny abilities to read Atluthan language, and knowledge of Jim Darkmagic’s past dealings.

Alistair has a companion Faerie Dragon by the name of Emily.

In a clear demonstration of mistrust, Crowley attempted to kill the boy, but was bested by Alistair’s unassuming power. Alistair spared Crowley, and they agreed to temporarily cooperate with each other to find their respective masters.


Alistair Bellows

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